Why WirelessGate?

The proliferation of smartphones means an uncontrolled explosion of data traffic.

Devices with ever more processing power and memory are likely to put increasing demands on conventional mobile carrier networks. We believe that removal of devices and applications from the control of individual carriers-as once was the case with NTT DoCoMo and its i-mode service-means that carriers are fighting a losing battle against the demand for data bandwidth.

Wi-Fi-the only viable long-term solution to network offload issues-will continue to see rapid growth.

We are confident of this because only Wi-Fi offers a simple constraint allowing both high speed and low network congestion-a physical limit on the number of users per each access point due to the limited distance the Wi-Fi signal travels. This simple conclusion, based on years of research and actual network evolution, makes us extremely optimistic about the future.

But won’t Wi-Fi become free?

We believe that as we adapt to the changing nature of the market, consumers will be increasingly willing to pay for WirelessGate Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-enhanced wireless solutions. Our recent entry into Wi-Fi infrastructure-enabling services and the LTE SIM card distribution business represent examples of the evolution of our business model. We expect more and more revenue-generating opportunities to emerge in our business domain, driving and accelerating growth.

Independence & flexibility

WirelessGate is an independent MVNO.

Being independent means being able to take on opportunities and challenges as they emerge, without having to bow to the interests of a parent company or group companies.

Flexible approach to business.

Our business is often misunderstood. We are not a Wi-Fi service provider, a network integrator, or a SIM-card reseller. We define our business as “enabling local connectivity” through any means-as long as they generate satisfaction for our customers and returns for our shareholders.

What do customers need?

This is the only question we ask ourselves in conducting our business. Being independent and flexible allows us to pick the solution that answers our customers’ needs today. When those needs change-we change together with them.


Experienced management team.

While we are a small company, we have the right people for the job. We know the telecommunications market and its players, and understand the challenges and opportunities. That allows us to stay one step ahead of the game.

Our founder, Takehiro Ikeda, completed his Ph.D. degree in 1999. His Ph.D. paper was titled “Studies of multimedia wireless communications employing adaptive access and transmission control”. He started what is now WirelessGate in 2004, after a five-year stint at NTT DoCoMo Wireless Research Institute.

Technical background.

Takehiro Ikeda
During Takehiro Ikeda’s time at NTT DoCoMo, he participated in two international standards bodies-IETF and IEEE-and worked on groundwork research on fourth generation (4G) wireless communications access technology. He combines a high level of technical expertise with business foresight gleaned from professional experience in the telecommunications market.

Accumulated expertise.

WirelessGate is a focused MVNO specialist company. Our DNA, our business model, and our strategy are uniquely focused on one thing-delivering the optimal wireless communication service to our clients. Since our founding in 2004 and even before-via the work of our founder Takehiro Ikeda-we were accumulating experience and expertise related to our core competence.

An important aspect of our expertise lies in building smooth relationships with telecommunications carriers and other market participants. Our Wi-Fi service is unique in that we use networks of all major carriers to provide seamless high-quality wireless access to our clients, who can sign in with a single ID/password combination.

We believe that the opening up of wireless communication markets-as evidenced by the recent proliferation of MVNOs-represents a significant and rapidly growing business opportunity for WirelessGate. As more players compete in the mobile cellular space, the need for data offload and other innovative solutions that we specialize in should increase exponentially.

Lean organization

We are a small, dynamic group.

Our organization is extremely lean, with staff numbers among the lowest of any Japanese public company. We don’t believe in large organizations and long meetings. Instead, we believe in thinking hard and acting fast.

Keep know-how and customers-outsource everything else.

We passionately believe in outsourcing and optimal resource allocation. We simply think that others can do most things better than us. So we focus on what we do best. We understand telecommunication networks and we work hard to anticipate what our customers-current and potential-will need tomorrow to stay connected. That is our core competence. Everything else should be outsourced.

A symbiotic part of the carrier ecosystem.

We pride ourselves on our ability to conduct business with all existing telecommunications carriers and help them in achieving their business objectives. We see our existence as symbiotic with other market participants. We don’t have competitors-only partners. We believe that this approach, together with our focus on consistent business returns, allows us to maximize our value in the long run.

Commitment to shareholders

Shareholders come first.

At WirelessGate, we strongly believe that the management can only excel when its interests are aligned with its owners-the shareholders of the company. We want investors to become our long-term supporters. We see investor and market feedback as the ultimate evaluation of our performance.

Reaping rewards together.

Our focus on shareholders is a logical extension of our focus on profitable and sustainable growth. We stay lean and keep our costs exactly at a level necessary to achieve our objectives-and not a yen more. We extend this thinking to our investments. If we see no opportunities to profitably invest excess cash in growth over a three-year period, we will consider returning the capital to our shareholders.