Business Description

WirelessGate provides wireless broadband services.

We combine public wireless LAN providers’ Wi-Fi access points with telecoms carriers’ networks to offer wireless communications services tailored to the needs of our users. Our services are sold at electronics retailers and mobile phone stores.

We have three main segments:

Wireless Broadband Services
Wireless Business Domain Services

Wireless Broadband Services

WirelessGate leases communications infrastructure from wireless communications operators and offers wireless broadband services. We offer our subscribers four main products for high-speed wireless internet access:

  • WirelessGate Wi-Fi: provides access to about 40,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.
  • WirelessGate Wi-Fi + WiMAX: combines the above with WiMAX mobile internet.
  • WirelessGate Wi-Fi + WiMAX2+: allows customers to use WiMAX2+, for faster mobile internet.
  • WirelessGate Wi-Fi + LTE: compatible with NTT DoCoMo’s Xi high-speed internet coverage.
  • WirelessGate Fon Premium Wi-Fi: Allows users to connect to about 40,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide and FON Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

Wireless Business Domain Services

The Wireless Business Domain Services are aimed at corporate customers. WirelessGate obtains earnings by providing other telecommunication operators and other corporations with platforms, infrastructure and expertise on them within the Wireless Broadband Services.

1. Wireless Platform Services

This is a value-added service that takes advantage of our ID and password authentication platform and fee collection platform the base of our Wireless Broadband Services. Here, we offer our authentication platform to other telecoms carriers, and our fee collection platform to corporations.

2. Other services for corporate customers

WirelessGate engages in Wi-Fi Infrastructure Services based on its expertise in the construction and operation of Wi-Fi environments owned by the Group as well as in IoT Services and Prepaid SIM Services with the use of the LTE network owned by the Group. All these services are provided for corporate customers. LTE-X Inc., a subsidiary of WirelessGate, offers a broad lineup of security services.


Wirelessgate also sells products such as the MAMORIO.